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    Zhejiang "Mao Yun Hang” sea-going vessel, total 149.2 meters long,21.0 meters wide, depth molded 11.7 meters and dead weight capacity 17,000tons, launches successfully with out airbag.

    The large tow boat built by Yangzhou Shun Tian Ship Yard, 135 meters long, 11.4 meters wide, depth molded 5.9 meters and deadweight capacity 1,100 tons, successfully launches with out airbags.

    The 12,000 -ton seagoing freighter "Hong Ming No.3" built by Jiangsu Hong Ming Vessels Co., Ltd slowly launches into River Guan. The vessel is 116 meters long, 17.2 meters wide and 9.3 meters for depth molded.

    To transport the 9000-odd-ton caisson and pre-fabricated member with airbag.

    The application of the airbag in the architectural engineering.

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